We structure your data for more transparency and intuitivity across software.
We build your stakeholders a quick and autonomous access to a BIM ecosystem, optimized for any discipline. We can also help you produce the data.
So that all your collaborators can focus on their actual job and expertise.
Pilotage les maquettes numériques

Organizing BIM models

BIM Execution plan development

BIM standards creation and management

(Nomenclatures, templates, families)

Models assembly and visualization

Clash detection

Models audit

Accompagnement des équipes

Organizing BIM collaboration

Rôle & responsabilities attribution

Contractual involvement & deliverables definition

2D & 3D team orchestration (Catia, Rhino, Tekla...)

Model updates planning

Builders assistance and control

BIM training for each software

Gestion de plateformes

Computer support and framing

File repository system setup and management

Collaborative platform setup and management

Naming convention definition

Technical support and debugging

Digital model security

Custom access to models and database setup

Dessin Revit

3D BIM modeling

3D production Team

Multi software modeling

Template, nomenclatures and families creation

3D object & components creation

Management of design changes propagation

Exploitation des données BIM

BIM data management and extraction

Quantities and BOM extraction

Cross referenced 3D Models & organized 2D data extraction

Shop drawings extraction

Model conversion and interoperability

Viewer models creation

Modélisation 3D avancée

Advanced 3D Modeling

Level of detail progressive management

Parametric and associative modeling

Adaptive component creation following LOD

Dynamo Revit modules and scripting

Grasshopper scripting

Digital Project/Catia V6 automation

Modèles complexes

Complex Models

Multi-disciplinary modeling

Multi-disciplinary interface management

Facade systems

Design/Detail changes semi - automated propagation

Surfaces complexes

Complex Surfaces

Curved & double curved surfaces

Surfaces continuity checks

Cladding patterns

Interior architecture & finishes

Surface populations automation

Process 3D/2D

Process 3D/2D

3D/2D process convergence

3D/2D extraction standardisation & automation

Shop drawings extraction

Shop drawings automation

Battersea facade, London

Battersea facade, London

Luma Foundation, Arles

Luma Foundation, Arles

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

'Le Kairn' offices, Chambéry

'Le Kairn' offices, Chambéry

‘Sadena’ offices, Lyon

‘Sadena’ offices, Lyon

Grand Paris Train Station Project

Grand Paris Train Station Project

Neyrpic mall, Saint Martin d'Hères

Neyrpic mall, Saint Martin d'Hères

1000 trees project, Paris

1000 trees project, Paris

Salpêtrière bridge, Paris

Salpêtrière bridge, Paris

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